5 ways to get through June 19th the worst astrological day of 2019

June 18, 2019

The reason it’s been dubbed ‘the worst astrological day of 2019’ is due to the unusual circumstances in the universe, which has led to Mercury and Mars to oppose Pluto on the same day.

The energy this formation yields is a pretty destructive one leading to power struggles and conflicting emotions that are easily heightened or made more dramatic.

Mercury traditionally rules communication and diplomacy whilst Mars is of course the planet of war, action, and energy. In the midst of these two opposing forces you add Pluto the sign that has the ability to make the pendulum swing all the way in one direction or another, plus a full moon and you’ve got a pretty hefty day on June 19th!

Expect fights, conflicts, arguments, disagreements, or to be somewhat out of sorts. But there are ways to get through the day with minimal disagreement. Here’s how:

1. Force yourself to be nice
We’re all told that being fake is one of the more dishonest and ultimately self-sabotaging things we can do in life, and yet, arguably, when it comes to de-escalating a situation and keeping the piece is highly preferable. Spare people’s feelings and favour kindness over honesty on June 19th, even if you don’t feel it. Be a bit fake!

2. Avoid rush-hour
Rush-hour has been proven to be one of the moments of the day when people are at their least patient and most prone to anger. A simple thing to do would be to avoid getting the tube, getting into a particularly busy road, or at the very least leave yourself plenty of time so as to decrease the stress levels and your sense of urgency.

3. Avoid people or situations that normally lead to banter
Arranged to meet up for drinks with your ex? Or perhaps you have a lunch with that friend of yours who’s always making fun of you in a way that annoys you? Going shopping with your mum perhaps? Avoid people and circumstances that tend to set you off. What will happen is you will inevitably get into a disagreement and Pluto will escalate things fast.

4. Avoid foods or drinks that can change your mood
Alcohol and coffee are notorious for having the ability to effect your mood as well as your sense of other people’s behaviour around you. Just steer clear of too much coffee in the morning in the interest of not getting jittery and irate, and avoid alcohol so as to not get sadder or angrier and regret the consequences.

5. Exercise!
One of the greatest ways to improve your mood and de-escalate any latent frustrations is to exercise in any way. It releases serotonin, the ‘happy hormone’, it forces you to (literally) breathe and get oxygen into your system, and it allows you work out feelings physically rather in words etc.